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Giving Voice to the Voiceless

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Established in 2019 by founders Naomi Massengo and Alice Chen, Parole Paris is more than just a PR agency – it's a platform for those who have been unheard for too long. Our mission is to unlock new possibilities for each and every one of our clients, making their brands not only seen but truly heard in the market.

At Parole, we are dedicated to propelling brands to the forefront of their industries. Our vision is to showcase the boundless potential of the brands we represent. While we set ambitious goals, we remain firmly rooted in our commitment to delivering results.

Parole excels in strategic planning. We focus on brand inception while constantly striving for further growth. Our unwavering dedication lies in understanding and satisfying the unique needs of our clients.

With a network of over 200,000 influencers across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and more, Parole Paris excels in the art of pairing the right influencer with the right audience. Through our advanced CRM system, we ensure a precise fit between brand and influencer, facilitating unparalleled connections.

Our commitment extends beyond immediate success; we're dedicated to achieving sustainable growth for our brands and unlocking maximum market potential for our clients. We bridge the gap between brands and consumers by harnessing the power of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs), fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Parole Paris isn't just a master of promoting great brands; we're also experts in curating high-quality lifestyles. We bring the essence of brands to life, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a profound level."

This revised presentation conveys a more comprehensive and impactful message about Parole Paris, highlighting your dedication to your clients and your unique approach to branding and PR.

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7 rue Notre Dame des Victoires

75002 Paris, France

Tel. : 09 81 97 03 13

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