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What Can We Do For You?



Using a powerful platform, we are able to accurately select the community most suitable for you. Your expectations will be exceeded as we deliver a top-notch brand launch and follow up with events, which garner your brand a close following. We carve out a space all for you in the promotion process.



Our team also creates an online presence for your brand. Using the latest in web technology, our team conducts broad social media campaigns based on high quality videos and interactive stories and we drive sales with tracking link.
The modern influence of social media will be put into full effect by our internet expertise.


Naming and Branding

Influencers' exposure to enhance the brand awareness.
We are masterminds of showing off the identities for our brands. We will create a unique name for you backed by a powerful story which highlights your outstanding brand. We are also experts in fulfilling your potential, in finding your place in the market, and in strategies such as brand story development. We can turn your vision into reality and make your dream possible.



Parole Paris is based on sharing and meeting the various players in fashion,
building strategic partnership with top brands.
We organize targeted and thoughtful events, in order to highlight the essence of our designers. Events are a key issue in our brand communication strategies.



Our database is based on a selection of French and international magazines. This action makes us able to ensure good press releases connected with the brand image for our clients. Likewise, we cooperate with stylists, who themselves collaborate with production companies of music artists, or magazines.


Artistic Direction

We are specialized in creating advertising images. Then, the potential of your brand is enhanced thanks to our artistic direction. Our creativity and our in-depth & original reflections attract the attention on a unique researched experience intended for a targeted audience.


Focusing on China

We have profond cooperation with nearly ten thousand KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) covering Xiaohongshu also known as Little Red Book (China's most trusted shopping platform like Instagram),Douyin (internationally known as TikTok) and Bilibili also nicknamed B Site(Chinese video sharing website like Youtube).

Meanwhile we have more than ten thousand Chinese KOCs (Key Opinion Customers) in our distribution channel connecting us to ten million high-end users and clients.

We have established in-depth cooperative relationships with hundreds of media in China, especially some internationally renowned fashion media, including Vogue China, Bazaar China, L’OFFICIEL China, Cosmopolitan China, etc.

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